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No student shall be eligible to appear for the end semester university examinations unless the principal has certified that the candidate has attended not less than 75 % of the lectures in each paper and his conduct and progress has been satisfactory.

Examination Rules

There shall be a University Examination at the end of each semester. Each written paper carrying 100 Marks is divided into 75 marks for the written examination and 25 Marks for the internal assessment.

Internal Assessment

There shall be a component of internal assessment marks in all the semesters. The marks for internal assessment shall be awarded by the Course Teacher on the basis of the following guidelines.

Attendance :- 5 Marks(1 mark for every 5% of attendance above 75%)
Test Paper :- 10 Marks
Assignments and presentation :- (5+5) = 10 Marks


Each student shall have completed a minimum of 20 weeks internship during the entire period of legal studies with NGOs, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory Authorities, Legislative Bodies, Bank, Stock Exchanges, Law firms, Companies, Local Self Government and such other bodies.

Provided that internship in any particular year should not exceed a continuous period of more than four week and all students shall undergo internship at least once during the entire period of studies with trial and appellate advocates.

Each student shall keep an internship diary which shall be certified and evaluated by the person or authority with whom the student has interned and the same shall be submitted to the Faculty in charge for his evaluation.

Viva-voice examination in the tenth semester shall be conducted by the board of examiners constituted by the university.

Pass Minimum and Classification

A candidate who obtains not less than 50% of the marks in individual papers in the examination for a semester shall be declared to have passed in the examination of that semester.

A candidate who obtains not less than 50% of the marks in more than one papers, but fails in other papers in a semester is exempted from appearing in the papers in which he/she has obtained pass mark.

A candidate who fails in paper IV of the seventh or eights or ninth semester shall appear in that paper in the next academic year with out obtaining re-admission.

A candidate who fails in internship or viva voice has to complete the internship and viva-voice in the next academic year with out obtaining re-admission.

There shall be no chance to improve either the internal assessment marks or written examination marks.

Classification Of Marks

Distinction 80% and above
First Class 60% and above and below 80%
Second Class 50% and above and below 60%

Ranking shall be made on the basis of marks obtained by the candidate in the whole examination (Ten Semesters) passed in the first chance.