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"To develop an internationally renowned school of excellence in legal education, with the objective of producing world class legal professionals fortified with competency, honesty and integrity."

The academic programs, research and teaching pedagogies are designed to fine tune the knowledge, skills and ethical requirements of the legal profession.The school is envisioned as a temple of learning imparting value based education to create ethically bound and socially committed lawyers. A Practical oriented approach to address the contemporary legal issues is one the prime mandates of the school. To achieve this mandate, Clinical Legal Education has been given emphasized as a core component of the course curriculum. The academic programs are shaped in such a manner so as to empower the students to tackle diverse areas including inter-disciplinarily subjects with the help of faculty offered programs, invited lectures, seminars and symposia’s. Highly qualified and experienced teachers will mentor the students in and out of the classroom to achieve this mission.


  • To contribute to the legal fraternity with a superior class of legal professionals
  • To nurture the desire for knowledge ethics and professional competence
  • To foster a culture, based on mutual cooperation and trust
  • To advocate the constitutional and human rights values
  • To uphold the verities embodied in Dharma